Aggregates and Recycled Material Testing Services

CTS confirm compliance with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) Quality Protocol, Specification for Highway Works Series 500 drainage and Service Ducts, Series 600 Earthworks, and Series 800 Road Pavements – Unbound.

Our laboratories carry out routine aggregate test sampling and testing of quarried, recycled, and IBA aggregates with testing schedules created. We adhere to standards and establish with clients based on quantities produced, as well as consistency of raw materials.

Aggregates in a sieve

Aggregate Testing

At CTS we offer a range of aggregate test services to the highest standards including the following:

BS EN 932-1      Sampling

BS EN 932-2      Methods of Reducing Laboratory Samples

BS EN 933-1      Particle Size Distribution

BS EN 933-3      Flakiness Index

BS EN 933-4      Shape Index

BS EN 933-5      Percentage of Crushed and Broken Surfaces

BS EN 933-11    Constituent of Coarse Recycled

BS EN 1097-1    Micro Deval Coefficient

BS EN 1097-2    Resistance to Fragmentation LA

BS EN 1097-3    Loose Bulk Density and Voids

BS EN 1097-5    Water Content

BS EN 1097-6    Particle Density/Water Absorption

BS EN 1367-2    Magnesium Sulphate Soundness

BS 6100 2.2.1    Uniformity Coefficient

Chemical Aggregate Testing

We also provide chemical aggregate testing as follows:

BS EN 1744 1:2009 + A1:2012 Clause 7
Water soluble chloride salts using the Volhard Method

BS EN 1744 1:2009 + A1:2012 Clause 10.1
Water soluble sulfates in natural and manufactured aggregates

BS EN 1744 1:2009 + A1:2012 Clause 11.2
Total sulfur content by high-temperature combustion

BS EN 1744 1:2009 + A1:2012 Clause 13
Acid soluble sulfides

BS EN 1744 1:2009 + A1:2012 Clause 1
Acid soluble sulfates

BS EN 1744 1:2009 + A1:2012 Clause 17
Loss ignition

Sustainability and Recycling

With increasing pressure on landfill capacity and the ongoing requirement for the construction industry to divert waste away from landfills to meet UK regulations and sustainability targets, CTS’s recycled aggregate test services can support by helping to classify materials as a product rather than waste.

Following the use of our aggregate test service, using recycled aggregates, not only significantly reduces the cost of sending unwanted materials to landfill, but also supports Environmental Social Governance (ESG/CSR) initiatives by helping to reduce construction waste and protect the environment.

Aggregate Testing

Why Choose CTS for Aggregate Test Services? 

CTS is recognised as one of the UKs leading testing laboratories, with substantial experience in aggregate test services gained through decades of participation in major construction and civil engineering projects.

Our project and contract managers ensure efficient communication throughout every project and ensure maximum data acquisition whilst minimising costs.

* For a full list of our UKAS-accredited activities, please visit our Accreditations and Industry Standards 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are recycled aggregate materials?

Recycled materials are inert waste aggregate derived from crushed concrete, crushed bricks, masonry, bituminous materials, municipal incinerator bottom ash, air-cooled blast furnace slag, basic oxygen furnace slag, and electric arc furnace slag.

How is recycled aggregate made?

Recycled aggregate is generally made from the reprocessing of inert materials, which involves activities such as crushing, mixing, or grading aggregate in accordance with the relevant British Standard and WRAP Protocol

What is recycled concrete aggregate used for?

There are a number of end uses for recycled concrete aggregate conforming to British Standards and Specification for Highway Works

Is recycled aggregate cheaper?

Yes, it is less expensive to produce, reduces materials sent to landfills and incurring landfill tax, and reduces the amount of virgin material produced, therefore lessening the use of natural resources.

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