18 Oct, 2023

CTS announces new industry leading construction materials, environmental chemistry and microbiology testing laboratory to open in Leicester.

We are delighted to announce plans to open a new state-of-the-art Laboratory in Leicester. This exciting development is backed by an initial investment of £3million from Phenna Group and underscores their commitment to invest in their Infrastructure Division.

The new laboratory, which will open early 2024 will be the largest in the UK and equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation and staffed by an experienced team from the sector. The new operation will be focussed on advancing construction materials, environmental chemistry and water microbiology testing services and offering market leading turnaround times. This facility will serve as a hub for pioneering testing services, supporting civil engineering projects and the construction industry, with the newly added water microbiology testing capability delivering for the building services sector.

Demand has grown exponentially for environmental chemistry testing services from CTS and ACS (a Phenna Infrastructure Division sister company) through their high quality service delivery of accredited results and an uninterrupted history of accredited services since the 1990s. The new facility will help meet this growing demand as well as increase capacity for new clients wishing to benefit from the same high level of service. It will also mark a move from CTS into the water microbiology sector. This will allow all services required by clients to be performed in-house, at a single location based centrally in the UK, providing greater efficiencies and a lower carbon footprint of testing.

Key highlights of the new Laboratory in Leicester include:

State-of-the-Art Equipment: The laboratory will be equipped with the latest, most advanced analytical instruments and equipment, ensuring precise and reliable testing for an expansive range of chemical contaminant, as well as a market leading offering of water microbiology testing services.

Skilled Team: The laboratory will build on the foundation of the existing highly skilled and experienced team of analysts and technicians dedicated to delivering accurate and timely results. It will also create over 50 new jobs in the area, with our Academy of Excellence providing full training for people wishing to enter into this field.

Multi-Disciplinary Capabilities: The laboratory will offer the widest range of testing, covering UKAS accredited services for asbestos, leachate, water and microbiology, as well as MCERTS accredited soil contamination analysis addressing the diverse needs of clients in across various sectors.

Continued Growth: This laboratory represents the latest phase of CTS and Phenna Group’s ongoing expansion efforts to enhance environmental and microbiology testing services. It builds upon last year’s significant investment in ACS’s chemistry laboratory, further solidifying the Phenna Infrastructure Divisions position as leaders in science and technology.

Market Leading Service: The new laboratory facilities are ideally suited to support clients the length and breadth of the country, conveniently located to the main road arteries (M1, A1, M6) with all testing being completed in the UK. Offering market leading turnaround times for accredited testing services that clients can rely on time after time.

Speaking about the plans, Stuart Abbs, Managing Director, Infrastructure Division at Phenna Group, commented,

"The plans for this world-class Testing Laboratory in Leicester is a testament to our dedication to analytical testing advancement. We are excited to offer our clients access to cutting-edge analytical capabilities and expertise that will contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future."

For more information about Phenna Group and its Infrastructure Division companies visit – https://phennagroup.com/