13 Oct, 2022
Calibration Team

Calibration of equipment ensures that a measuring device provides accurate results and is required to establish both the metrological traceability of the measurement and its compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9000 quality standards.

We asked our calibration team and quality department to share their thoughts on why calibration is important.

Why calibrate?

1. Provides traceability to national standards.

2. Provides assurance that the equipment is safe to use.

3. Safeguards safety procedures and reduces the risk of defects.

4. Provides customers with reassurance that the equipment is reliable and trustworthy.

5. Ensures that the equipment still operates properly and precisely. Parts can wear and electronic components drift over time, therefore equipment must be routinely checked.

6. Ensures the equipment is fit for purpose.

7. Can save cost on replacement and identify when new components are needed before they fail therefore reducing downtime.

8. Prevents process failures.

9. Ensures that products are built to the proper specification so that they perform better and last longer.

10. Ensures that equipment is capable of achieving the measurement of accuracy required to provide a known valid result.

What is calibration?

Calibration is defined as a comparison between a customer’s instrumentation and a standard. It may also include adjustment of the instrument to bring it into alignment with the standard (or specified tolerances). The comparison information (results) is than reported on a calibration certificate.

Calibration status is identified by a calibration label affixed where appropriate and a calibration certificate is issued.

Here at CTS, we offer Calibration and Testing services which both hold UKAS accreditations (for further details click here).

All calibration and testing instrumentation used to deliver these services complies with UKAS requirements under the remit of an ISO/IEC 17025 quality system.

This ensures that the services we deliver to you take full advantage of the 10 reasons to calibrate as listed.

To find out about the range of calibration services available or to request a brochure, get in touch.